Modest fashion is stylish as well as comfortable. Comfort is essential to personal life, as you feel confident when you are comfortable. Modest-wear trend has taken fashion scene by storm. While growing up we would have never imagined that fashion and modesty can go hands in hands. But now many mainstream brands have launched their modest wear collection like, long skirts, button-down full sleeves shirts, kaftans and maxi dresses. Since that wasn’t always a case, we have all struggled in building our wardrobes and it was pretty daunting, mostly when we wished to try out some new styles. Modest fashion trend has made this easier for us. Now there are plenty of options available, both in outlets and online.

While runways and brands have embraced this trend by releasing loose-fitting clothes, silhouettes that give good cover, there are also some essential pieces available that might help you style your outfit without spending more. Opting these items will make choosing outfit easier in the morning. There’s an art in creating your own staple, from long skirts to layering up. We have put together some ideas that can help you with that.

1. Culottes

 On days when you get bored with skirts and they don’t seem like rocking, it calls for culottes, posh and edgy. Many options are available from fabric, colors to even styles. Culottes not only give you a perfect chic look with an unpretentious outfit, but it also keep you comfy all day. Keep yourself up-to-date by having one. They are perfect to be worn at your workplace. They will make you look confident, stylish and professional. This look gives you a powerful personality, as you are ready to work and get the job done. You can find yourself a versatile pair by using Shopee promo code.

2. Jackets/Cardigans

If you wish to jazz up your look with an instant quick-fix, you should befriend layering. Layering could be done by just using the basic wardrobe staples from your wardrobe. They can help you be modern and stylish at the same time. While pairing regular trousers with a white top underneath an outer like jacket or cardigan doesn’t only keep you warm and nice, it also gives you a chic conservative look. You can change your look with just simple wardrobe staples if you learn how to layer them up. Similarly, throwing on a blazer on your casuals is a way to look more professional. You can transform any look into modest low-key outfit by just adding an outer piece.

3. Tees & Tanks

Tank tops might be the piece you only wear under your clothes or beneath a jacket or cardigan. You should channel your inner Cher from clueless and try wearing them over your clothes. You can style your tank tops with contrasting t-shirts and it is one of the best way to opt modest trend. You can change the game a little by being more creative with your tank tops. Choose different solid colors and patterns, go for different sleeve lengths or necklines. Experimenting with these piece can help you create your own reversed style.