You used to have to buy or rent video games on disc. They originally came on basic CDs and then they moved to Blu-Rays. A lot of the larger games that came out in the past even had to come with two discs because of how much information was on it relative to the size of the disc. However, that's the old way. Nowadays, you can buy games digitally. Games are available on digital platforms and one of the newest trends is getting them on CD keys. They have become one of the leaders in getting the lowest-priced games in the marketplace. As someone that has never bought a game key, you may be skeptical. However, by the end of this article, you will learn exactly why buying a CD key or digital download code is the best way to get cheap video games. If you want to save money then use this CDKeys discount code at Bummelwelt.

What Exactly Are CD Keys?

A CD key is a unique game code that you redeem on a respective platform. Once redeemed, you get access to a specific game and other content. Much like a gift card code, it comes with a randomized set of numbers and letters. You will find these codes available inside a lot of game cases too. A lot of game publishers aren't producing CDs anymore. Instead, they include a CD key inside of the traditional game case. They do this to save money on production costs. As the end consumer, you benefit from lower-priced games when you buy them without any physical version attached.

Obtaining a CD Key

To get a CD key for a game that you want, you'll need to visit a CD key distributor. You'll find various websites selling CD keys on the internet. You'll want to find one that is reputable and has the games you want. You can find a lot of providers will have all kinds of keys available for different games on different consoles and PC. You simply find the game you want, enter your information, and buy it securely. You don't have to worry about fraud or anything like that. You should be able to find plenty of CD key providers that use a secure third-party payment platform like PayPal to protect your information.

You will even find that you can pay in virtually any currency. A lot of the sites will even offer their converters for convenience. Once you purchase the game code, you will get an email with a receipt. The receipt will have a download link or a pin code on it. This is for security verification purposes. Once you verify you are the intended recipient, you'll get access to the CD key/code. It's incredibly easy to use and redeem the code. Depending on the platform, you would redeem it in different ways.

How Do They Get The Keys To Sell?

You might be wondering how these companies get the keys they are selling. The majority of them have professional buyers that scour the industry to try to find the cheapest game prices. They purchase these games at a discount and they use arbitrage to sell them for more. They buy low and sell higher. Once they buy the game, they store it securely and sell it to a customer for an agreed price.

As a result, you have a legal and legitimate way to purchase the games you want at better prices than you will find elsewhere. You can find a lot of games available at regional prices. In these cases, no one is taken advantage of and everyone gets what they want. If you are someone that plays video games, it's a great way to save money on your hobby while getting to play your favorite games even as they are newly released.